quickly-but-effectively scribbled ref of my mutant bori, Adolee

big sad baby




@chocolatemasochist answered: A custard bori or gelert maybe @u@

@moon-bees said: *SNOT BLUMAROO (and then I will pretend it is my beautiful found-in-the-pound pet AssassinWarlock. UuU )


GLOOPY BABIES!! thank you!


do you ever get really into a Neopets mindset and then go on tumblr and are really surprised to see the word homo



attempting to do pixel stuff for the first tiiime!!! I’m happy with these ;w; my baby Miveal….

OH…. OH MAN THERE’S MORE. what a wonderful day on my dash goodness gracious me.



my maraquan skeith, Floposa u0u ahhh this is so rewarding 

oohOoOoOhohooOHOHHHH!!! my gosh!!! what a handsome little fellow…  ; O ;  <333


i was actually eyeballing the beanies and have some spare NC from the last event i might have a box to send you one?? i’ll check when back from class!

??!?? fgngdgldk???? NO PRESSURE NO OBLIGATION U KNOW DO WHAT YOU WANT but wow  w i would cry! the side she is on is Rarsharks ;m; i will.. draw you something that is all i can OFFER i’m sorry!

thankfully i had some gift boxes left over, item sent!! :D

and no need to do anything just ENJOY YO BEANIE.


In hindsight, when an eccentric scientist of questionable morals asked for help repairing a machine specifically designed to cause chaos in Neopia we probably shouldn’t have helped him



He was level 15. BIG GROSS SOBBY TEARS.

If you are working on battledome pets, or ones you would like to use and level up in general, level them up to 20 before you start zapping. levels 20 and above do not have the option to reduce to level 1.

i did not know this.  o__o  thanks for the tip!

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